King of Turnbull: The biggest little race in whittier

Last Saturday's King of Turnbull in Whittier turned out to be the "biggest little race" in the Southland. 

Despite a lower turnout than last year, dozens of cyclists rose early to meet up in Whittier's Central Park to race climbs and descends on rough terrain at the Turnbull Canyon. 

First place fixed-gear went to Hunter Grove, second place went to GLK's Kenan Guneil and third place went to Cesar Valenzuela of Zero Miedo. Men's road first place went to Seth Britton. Women's fixed-gear winners included Evelyn Delgado in first, Natalie in second and Ana of SWAT in third. Women's road category winners included Elaina Alvarez, Kelly Blake and Liya K. 

Each of the winners received a plethora of gift baskets, including kits, equipment and shirts from the endless GLK sponsors. First place winner Grove said he would be giving his brand new hand painted frame to his girlfriend as a gift. 

The elevation of each of the four climbs often surpassed the 500 foot mark for over one-mile at a time. After each climb, the cyclists were allowed a short break, only to be stopped by the megaphone and motorcycle revving of the organizers. 

At one point of the race police began to clear out pedestrian supporters, claiming that their lives were in danger due to the oncoming cars on the terrain. At one point, the police presence forced the finish line of the third climb to be moved up to a more dangerous stop sign, where cyclists could blow the complete stop due to the fast velocities. The finish was originally a safer 30 meters before the stop sign, allowing cyclists more time to decelerate. 

Despite the 15 mph speed limit for automobiles and various miscellaneous hikers and runners in the area, police eventually cleared out the organizers and bystanders off the Canyon. This forced the organizers to hold the last climb on the infamous Greenleaf street, a short but steep distance difficult to maneuver on any bike, but more so on a fixed-gear bicycle. 

The ending ceremony took place at Central Park, where even CycleFeed's own Allaudin Hightower turned out a winner, winning a beautiful turquoise blue frame in a raffle.