Best last-minute gifts under $150 for cyclists

It’s crunch time for Christmas gifts, and if you’re a major procrastinator, don’t fret, there’s still time. We spoke to three local bike shops scattered around Los Angeles, and here’s what they recommend you purchase:

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Tony Zaldua, Mike’s Bike Shop:

Tony suggested a wide variety of things, including, energy bars, gels, tools, jackets and lights. This close to the end of the holiday season, however, he recommends you stick to the basics.

Kryptonite Keeper Lock, $100

Nobody wants to be featured on a Bike Index Instagram post after they get their bike stolen. Help protect the investment of the bike lover in your life by giving them this sturdy lock.

Pedro’s 6-pack Bike Chain tool, $20

Zaldua recommends this small and handy tool for an affordable and practical gift. This tool provides six functions, including a 5mm hex key, flat blade screwdriver, chain tool and 3.2-3.5 spoke wrenches.

Gator Skin and Super Sport Tires, $35-49.95

Although it may seem obvious, this is the most fool-proof gift there is for a cyclist. Tires will never be turned down by a friend that hits long miles on the pavement or velodrome. Just make sure to know the tire size!

You can find all of Zaldua’s recommendations at:

Mike’s Bike Shop, located at 8812 W. Pico Blvd #214, Los Angeles CA, 90035

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T.J. Flexer, Orange 20 Bike Shop:

The owner of this friendly shop located just outside of Silverlake doesn’t recommend you purchase a gift without taking the cyclist in the store. According to Flexer, most people end up purchasing things that the cyclist already has in their inventory. However, here are some practical gifts that the shopkeeper recommends:

Light and motion series set, $40-150

“I typically carry a spare of these lights, but I cannot get enough of these,” said Flexer. These sets, sold individually or in sets are reminiscent of mini flashlights that just look really cool. They are easy to mount and are USB rechargeable.

Orange 20 socks and water bottles, $8-20

Flexer says that you really can’t go wrong with these accessories. In fact, “these are some of the best things that people can agree on and justify,” said Flexer. Who doesn’t want an extra bottle or socks for a rainy day? Plus, you’re helping out a small business and their brand. Win-win.

You can find all of Flexer’s recommendations at:

Orange 20 Bikes, located at 4314 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles CA, 90029.

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Filiki Hachee, The Cog and Crank:

Much like Flexer and Zaldua, Filiki Hachee from the Cog and Crank recommends the essentials, or what he calls “common sellers.”

TImbuk2 Messenger Bag, $80

According to Hachee, this will do the job if the person you’re gifting needs a solid bag for commutes. They are in stock and begin at $80, which is relatively low for an urban-styled bike bag.

Cygo Lights, $30-100

“Everybody in the world needs a light,” said Hachee. All three of our recommenders seem to agree on one common item: lights. The Cog and Crank currently has these USB rechargeable sets in stock, which are also easy to install and will illuminate the darkest of roads for safety.

Cog and Crank Windbreakers, $150

For that one-of-a-kind gift, splurge on a classic blue, white and yellow windbreaker for the cyclist that is bearing against this weird weather on their bike. Not only will you be supporting this local family-owned shop, but your friend or loved one will look great on those windy or rainy days.

You can find all of Hachee’s recommendations at:

Cog and Crank, located at 4250 Atlantic Ave, Long Beach CA, 90807